March 21, 2023

Heather said: “If l like it, so will you” – and they did!

Her favourite restaurant, where else for Heather Martin to take fellow Anglo Turkish Association Members and Guests to Driftwood for their monthly social gathering meal. Heather said “When asked if l would organise a social meal for the ATA there was only one place it would be at, my favourite restaurant – Driftwood”.

Her choice of venue was certainly a success with ATA members and guests who were impressed with both the meal choices Heather had organised for them and the service Driftwood’s staff gave everyone. With many saying that they would be coming back again in the very near future.

ATA member Lena Lindh said ’My meal was wonderful as was my husband’s and everyone else’s, l could quite happily have eaten everything l saw today, and what a beautiful setting by the sea. My husband and l came alone and enjoyed ourselves meeting old and new friends – to me, days like this is what the ATA is all about.

Chairman Philip Lloyd said ‘Heather certainly knows how to please; her choice of venue and meal selection was only matched by the desire of everyone at Driftwood to go the extra mile for their customers. So popular was Heather’s choice that there was not an empty seat anywhere and we could have filled Driftwood twice over!”

At the end of the meal, a happy Heather Martin said ‘I’m overwhelmed by the number of nice comments I’ve received about today’s lunch, whilst l bask in the credit the real glory though must go to Driftwood for providing such an exceptional meal’.

ATA Social Gathering meals are always held on the 28th of the month and organised by an ATA member, as with all ATA activities they are also open to non-members.

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The friendly listening association with a heart, supporting good causes in Northern Cyprus for the benefit of everyone

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