March 27, 2023

Tourism and Environment Minister, Fikri Ataoğlu, spoke at the opening of the Antalya Tourism Fair 2021, being held in Antalya between 27-28 October. The TRNC has the status of a “Partner Country” and is promoting our country to national and international platforms from a 60 m2 modern design stand.

The TRNC is represented by a delegation consisting of tourism professionals, sector representatives and Ministry officials under the chairmanship of Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu.

The aim of Antalya Tourism Fair is to create synergies between all those professionals in the tourism sector such as national and international tour operators, offline and online travel agencies, accommodation facilities, airlines, transportation companies, recreation areas, information technologies, gastronomy, service and finance sector.

The TRNC delegation welcomed tourism businesses as guests at the ‘Welcome Party’ event held on the first night of the fair. The party was aimed at increasing and consolidating communication between tourism professionals, investors and new entrepreneurs and our country and to display our tourism products to world tourism so as to increase tourism after the pandemic..

The fair, which will be attended by more than 200 foreign travel agencies from 20 countries, is organized this year with the aim of adding excitement, motivation, and movement to the tourism industry to overcome the damage caused, worldwide, by the pandemic.

Antalya Tourism Fair is a platform that will create opportunities for all stakeholders of the tourism industry to share the latest developments, to enhance cooperation and further development. The Fair brings an innovative approach to tourism fairs with a new vision in Antalya, the heart of Turkish tourism.

Source (Turkish): TRNC Ministry of Tourism and Environment

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