March 21, 2023

Between 20 September – 18 October 2021, 142 businesses in total were inspected for food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic Measures, a cafe-restaurant business that did not comply with hygienic conditions,  1 barber and 2 bar businesses that employ personnel without a health certificate, and a business that did not have a  Certificate, and the commercial activities of a total of 5 workplaces, including the barber business, were stopped and sealed.

Girne Municipality continues to inspect the Covid-19 pandemic measures as well as the routine hygiene controls of the food-related businesses operating in the city. In addition to the popular social places in Girne, where the population has increased with the opening of the schools, the hygiene controls of all commercial enterprises that are open for the public to eat, drink and enjoy are carried out intensively.

In the hygiene controls carried out in the past days, the activities of the Little Pub Bar and Junior Baragadi Bar businesses, which had insufficient conditions and employed personnel without a health certificate, and the CMR Çiğ Köfte Cafe Restaurant, which had insufficient kitchen hygiene, were stopped and sealed. In addition, the activities of La Femme Barber, which employs personnel without permission and without a health certificate, and Nazlı Kızı Beauty Salon, which did not have a certificate, were suspended and sealed. In the week following the sealing process, the activities of all workplaces that had corrected their technical deficiencies were allowed to re-open.

Within the scope of the controls where non-compliances were subject to penal actions, a total of 5 workplaces, as well as 47 workplaces, were notified due to their deficiencies, 5 businesses were warned to close if they did not correct their deficiencies, and two workplaces were fined 4400 TL for not fulfilling the Covid-19 Pandemic measures.

In the message published by the World Health Organisation on the occasion of World Food Day, which was celebrated all over the world in the past days, the slogan “Our actions are our future. Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life” was shared. We, as Girne Municipality Health and Police Department teams, take scientific principles and legal regulations as the basis in order to meet the need of our society for better nutrition, better living and being in a healthy environment, as the most basic phenomenon in the hygiene controls of food-related workplaces. It is our most basic duty to control the production of food-related businesses in better conditions. Food should be nutritious and reliable, and should be produced with human health in mind. If a violation of these conditions is detected, any legal action is taken, including being banned from activity in accordance with the legal legislation.  Again, it is very important for us in terms of protecting both public health and daily social life.

Legal criteria that must be observed in commercial activities related to food and directly affecting human health are of great importance. These criteria are designed to protect human health. These issues, which are one of the focal points of the value and service given to people in our understanding of Municipality, have found a wide place on the agenda of the whole world on the food day, which has been celebrated in the past days. While emphasising the importance given to the hygiene and sanitation of food at production and sales points for a better life, sustainable agri-food systems were also highlighted. As a small island country, we must work to value our local production and to create opportunities for agricultural production that can be grown in our own country. We, as Girne Municipality, have been contributing to local production for years, which should also be supported at the level of state policy.

With the open market we set up every Wednesday, we bring the producers together with the consumers directly, and we work to protect local values ​​with the festivals we organise every year. In the 20th International Olive Festival, which we have recently been organising, taking into account the pandemic conditions, we shared the olive and olive oil products, which are among the most important values ​​of our geography, with our artists, scientists and valuable people, with both artistic and socio-cultural dimensions and food-agriculture dimensions and we  emphasised its value. On this occasion, emphasising once again, we remind you that the protection of the health of our people is among our primary duties and that it is necessary to ensure food safety for everyone without compromising the economic, social and environmental foundations in order to increase our local production and protect future generations.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality


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