April 1, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Actually I am not a frequent television enthusiast, but now and then I get chance to watch something interesting, Although over the years I have not yet understood what the word “interesting” means to me, since my preferences change very frequently.

Just a couple of days back I had a chance to surf Netflix, and there I found something that not only attracted me but also made me miss my evening walk and run. The 6 episode series not only provided me a wonderful theme to watch but also made me think over and over about so many problems that human beings encounter the world over.

The name of the series is “STATELESS”, a six episode series inspired by the true events in the detention camps for refugees in Australia. Made in 2020, the series basically encircles four strangers, who met with each other in an Immigration camp in the Australian desert. One of these is an Australian air hostess, who not only wanted to find her real self, but also running from a suburban cult. The second is an Afghan family, dreaming of starting a totally new life in Australia. The third is a young Australian father working in the camp, and the fourth is a bureaucrat, working in the camp, caught in a national scandal regarding the refugees and the detention camp.

The main idea of the series came from the real life case of an Australian citizen who was unlawfully detained in such a camp in 2004.

There are many others in the camp, who also have their own stories to be taken notice of. They too have their problems, dreams and actions, intermixing with the ground realities. They also try to find a way out of the camp. Each of them have their own views and tactics. Yet the whole series brings to light the realities that the immigrants face in such camps. Of course it is not only just Australia where such camps exist. Many  more of the like exist in different parts of the world, where almost the same stories unfold every day.

The interesting aspect of the serial is to show that it’s not just the immigrants who face the problems, those who deal with them pass through stress in different ways. It shows that the overall queer atmosphere of the camp directly affects the personal way of thinking and lives of the people assigned with the duty of taking care of these immigrants. The serial also shows that there are people in the host countries, who realise the severity of the problem and try to do something concrete to solve the immigrant crisis, yet due to various reasons they too fail to register any concrete success.

In reality there are over 70 million displaced in the world, forced by uncontrollable reasons, who are struggling to find a new home somewhere in the world. A few of them achieve their goal in the end. However, that is not something which is  easy. A large number of these either lose their lives or end up at some totally different place and circumstances. Almost half of these 70 million people are children.

In my opinion, the series indirectly leads viewers to ask one simple question. “Why is there the problem of immigrants in the world?”. Or as I put it, “what makes so huge a number of people leave their birthplace, and go and settle in some other country, after leaving everything behind?”.

With a very ripe subject, beautiful acting, fantastic production, I would recommend everybody to watch this serial.

Editor’s note : Being tempted we also watched the Stateless series which was brilliant. 


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