First tourist group of winter tourism campaign arrived in TRNC

With the initiatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the first tourist group within the Northern Travel Northern Cyprus Winter Operation program arrived in the TRNC during the evening of 21st September.

The winter tourism program, which was announced by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu, and which is within the scope of the project to spread tourism in the TRNC to 12 months, started with the arrival of the first tourist group of 155 people to the TRNC on 21st September 2021.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Serhan Aktunç, inspected the application of the procedure applied at the entrance to the TRNC at Ercan Airport, within the framework of the Pandemic rules determined by the Health Supreme Council, and received information from the authorities.

Source (Turkish): Ministry of Tourism and Environment


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