March 21, 2023

TRNC Presidency: “The statements made by British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie are against the principle of impartiality”

Stating that the statements of Stephen Lillie coincided with the policy of Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades, TRNC Presidency noted that this contradicted the principle of impartiality.

The Presidency made a statement regarding the interview to the Greek Cypriot daily newspaper Kathimerini given by the UK High Commissioner to South Cyprus Stephen Lillie.  The statements made by British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie in his interview with Kathimerini newspaper, as he also said, overlap with the policy of Greek Cypriot Leader Anastasiades and contradict the principle of neutrality.

It was emphasised that it was understood that it was not seeking a fact-based, sustainable solution, but only pursuing its interests in connection with the British Sovereign Bases.

The Presidency’s statement is as follows:

“We expected more sensitive, realistic and impartial approaches on this issue from the diplomat of a country like the United Kingdom, which has historical, legal and de facto connections with the island of Cyprus. With this statement, High Commissioner Lillie completely disregarded these requirements and principles.

It is well known by the United Kingdom how all reconciliation possibilities in the negotiations since 1968 were exhausted due to the intransigence of the Greek Cypriot side. At the current stage, it is clear that the Cyprus issue can be overcome with new and creative methods, apart from the established patterns of the status quo, as stated in the relevant reports of the Secretary-General.

In this context, the Turkish Cypriot side clearly revealed its vision of realistic and vested rights-based cooperation on the ground of sovereign equality and equal international status at the 5+UN informal meeting held in Geneva at the end of April.

It is clear that a sustainable reconciliation can only be reached if it is approached with an open mind, not with the prejudices of the past. Our Prime Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs also made the necessary explanations on this issue.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “TRNC Presidency: Stephen Lillie’s statement was not impartial

  1. The only reason why the Cyprus problem hasn’t been resolved till today is all political and Of course religion is a big factor. Is there anything else we can say to bring the western world to what they PREACH i.e “Human Rights”??

    Tell us oh righteous one’s, is there?? So where’s the Turkish Cypriots Rights?? Which you ALL know very well what’s what, but you all do what suits. Oh yes, very cultured, very humane, very honest, very intellect and definitely none of you are prejudiced are you??

    What a fiasco you all are, what laughable people you all are. I’ll end my comment on this note and if you all have the tiniest decency in you you’ll take a look at what you’ve done to these “victims of Greeks” in all these years, let me be precise; Since both communities have been on this island.

    I hope you all are judged one day I the most highest authority. Remember all, when people harbour negative thoughts, they are also subjected and become victims if their negativity, I hope I’ll live to see that day…!!!

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