September 27, 2022

Readers mail….
From Auriana Stevens…..


My name is Auriana Stevens, many of you will know me from the Lambousa Market with my craft stall plus many of the charity fairs that I have supported.

Tulips is the charity that has been closest to my heart for long a time. You may remember the Blister Sisters epic 200km walk in 6½ days in October 2019 where 4 of us with an average age of 61½ years walked, well I was one of them!

This year I have decided that Tulips needs my (and your) help more than ever, they are barely holding their heads above water and without this important organisation there would be very little care for any of us should we happen to be unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer.

The global pandemic is having a massive impact on how much they can raise, with many events being constantly cancelled and they still need to help those patients who are the most vulnerable in our society and would not have treatment due to lack of funds.

I am asking you all reading this to help me to help Tulips to survive these difficult times, we all know that this has gone on far longer than we all thought. We were all thinking and hoping that this would all be finished by the end of 2020, we now know differently.

My plan is to walk the equivalent of 12 marathons during Pink October in aid of Tulips Breast Cancer Awareness month and I need you to dip into your pockets, however small or large, to support me in my challenge and to help Tulips.

All the details on how you can help me are on the poster, the link to my justgiving page is:

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