March 21, 2023

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch personnel received training on patient and elderly care at home. According to the information given by Girne Municipality, in the training held at the Social Life Center in cooperation with Kolan British Hospital, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Hepatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Refik informed the Social Affairs Branch personnel about the care of the elderly at home. During the training, the personal care of the elderly, the training that should be given to their caregivers, their practices in the fields of dieticians and physiotherapists, as well as psychological support issues, were discussed.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu said that there are nearly a thousand members over the age of 65 registered to the Second Spring Unit affiliated to their branches. Kadıoğlu pointed out that they support their members on many issues such as routine sugar, blood pressure measurements, and hospital transportation, and pointed out the importance of training the expert personnel by updating their knowledge. Kadıoğlu said, “There is a period associated with old age, illness, and need for care, and this leads to the isolation of elderly individuals from the society. Our staff, who come into contact with our elderly people one-to-one during their home visits, establishes close relations with them as their families. They support them. That’s why. It is even more important that we are aware of these issues.”

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that it is more understandable to protect our elderly with the Covid 19 pandemic and said that they are working to understand them and not to leave them alone with the health issues and problems brought by old age. Güngördü stated that they act with the awareness that all people of all ages and situations have the right to a quality life and they are working to contribute to this.

Pointing out the importance of in-service training in a corporate structure, Güngördü said such an important service to the personnel of the Social Affairs Branch, who provide services in a human-oriented and sensitive issue and have one-to-one contact with the elderly.

He thanked Kolan British Hospital for showing interest and participating in education and for contributing to education and cooperation.

Source  (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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