April 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

Many readers will know that until recently I was in the Dr. Suat Günsel Kyrenia University Hospital in Karakum and following an operation was under the care of Dr Emine Ünal Evren who is an Infectious Diseases specialist and she wanted to get to the bottom as to why I kept having a recurrence of infection in my leg.

Like any good detective, she tracked down the problem and soon had me on the road to recovery and good health..

It was a bright sunny day on Sunday 29th August when she came into my room with a big hello how are you, as I came yesterday but you were sleeping and did not want to disturb you.

I was taken aback to be visited by a doctor on a Sunday which just happened to be my birthday and when I mentioned it she said you should have told us as we would have brought you a cake.

Later in the day when Margaret Sheard arrived to visit me, 2 lovely nurses came in the room full of beaming smiles behind their masks with a chocolate cake with a single candle which was a nice thought.

The following day during the afternoon the door of the room opened again with Dr Emine followed by other doctors and nursing staff singing Happy Birthday to You and bearing a big cake with lots of candles for me to blow out.

What can I say, having been in the hospital for 4 weeks residing in rooms on the first then second floors and back to the first floor, I was so touched by all the staff I encountered as they were so helpful and friendly despite the language barrier.

So I would like to say Thank you Dr Emine and your nursing angels for looking after me so well you are my Stars.

One of the nursing staff recorded the presentation of the cake on their phone and I have tried to turn this into a memory video below.

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