January 27, 2023

The results of the Graffiti and Painting Contest, which was held with the slogan of “Turn the walls into love” in cooperation with Girne Municipality and Kyrenia Kindness Association, have been announced. The winners were given their awards at the ceremony held on Thursday, 2nd September 2021 at the Girne Municipality Service Building.

The mural paintings, “Fall or Fly Group”, “Pattern and Woman” graffiti paintings are on the East and West facades of 20 July Stadium, while the graffiti painting “Turtles in Space” is located in Şair Nedim Sokak, in the Turkish Quarter.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, Kyrenia Goodness Association President Oya Kutsal, and its members and sponsor company officials, attended the ceremony, where young people’s projects and teamwork were evaluated and rated by the jury.

Winners and jury

Musa Kayra (Cartoonist), Şenol Özdevrim (Sculpture-Painting Artist), Bedia Kale (Ceramic Artist) and Fatoş Avcısoyu Ruso (Poet), formed the jury which evaluated the murals and graffiti of the participating groups.

According to the jury evaluation result;

The Turtles in Space project and Grup Adesa team won the first prize sponsored by Extend Broadband with a monetary award of 3000TL.

The Fall or Fly Group project and the Underdog team, won the prize sponsored by Ilge Tourism of 2000TL.

Well-being Volunteers Association presented a prize of 1000TL to the project, Desen ve Kadın of the JB team.

The winning entry

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, in his speech at the ceremony, stated that the city of Girne is a very beautiful place and that it is the duty of all living here to contribute to the city.  Güngördü also said that in addition to the work done during the pandemic, the graffiti competition has left a permanent and beautiful mark in the city, which would add a different colour to our city.   Güngördü said, “The dynamism of the youth is very important to us, so I would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed.”

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Kyrenia Goodness Association, Oya Kutsal, thanked the Mayor for his encouragement and support for socially responsible projects. She also thanked the Municipality of Girne, who took care of every detail of the graffiti competition and ensured that everything was perfect.  Oya Kutsal stated that they showed us an example of what a professional approach is.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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