September 28, 2022

The Jury of the 10th International Cartoon and Humour Festival, part of the Girne Municipality 20th International Olive Festival, was introduced at a press conference held at the Grand Pasha Hotel on Wednesday, September 01, 2021.

In previous years prominent members of the cartoon community from different countries of the world formed the jury. The works this year were reviewed by famous cartoon artists Öznur Kalender and Kübra Deligöz, from the Republic of Turkey, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, Girne Municipality Art Director Derman Atik. Turkish Cypriot cartoonists and Association members, Serhan Gazioğlu, Hüseyin Çakmak, Musa Kayra and Selen Selışık also judged. Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne and Chairman of the Selection Committee, in his speech at the press conference, explained that the Covid-19 epidemic has created difficulties in many fields from the economy to culture and arts throughout the world. As a result, this year, only judges from the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC will participate in the competition jury.

Mr Güngördü observed that the competition has become an established event that has an important place in the world cartoon community and noted that 157 cartoonists from 40 countries participated in the competition with 432 works this year.  Güngördü stated that the jury will consider the entries between September 1-4.

Reminding us that today, September 1, World Peace Day, people in underdeveloped countries still have difficulty in obtaining vaccines and there are wars in many parts of the world, Mr Güngördü wished the whole world a day full of love, tolerance and peace away from war, where all humanity will benefit equally from the opportunities of the world. 

Güngördü said that it will be decided within a week whether the 20th International Olive Festival can be held physically and this will be announced to the public.At the end of his speech, Güngördü expressed his condolences for Ferhan Şensoy, the Theatre Artist, who passed away yesterday, and for İnci Çayırlı, who made significant contributions to the development of the Girne Municipality, Turkish Art Music Ensemble.

Hüseyin Çakmak, one of the members of the International Jury of the competition, reminded that famous cartoon artists from all over the world took part in the competition jury in past years.
Serhan Gazioğlu, member of the selection committee, stated that the competition is of great importance as it contributes to the promotion of the Country’s culture of art and caricature to the world. It brings together the artists of the country with international artists, and shows the unifying power of caricature despite the differences between their sense of humour.

Öznur Kalender, one of the cartoon artists in Turkey, who is on the selection committee of the competition, stated that he has completed his 54th year in the art of caricature and congratulated the Girne Municipality and the Turkish Cypriot Cartoonists Association, which gave life to a professional and exciting competition.  Expressing that he is very happy to be a member of the jury in this competition, Kalender also expressed his condolences for the famous theatre artist Ferhan Şensoy, who passed away yesterday.

Kübra Deligöz, another selection committee member of the competition from Turkey, congratulated the Girne Municipality, which organized the competition, and stated that she was honoured to take part in the organization as a jury member.

Derman Atik, Girne Municipality Art Director and member of the selection committee, stated that Girne Municipality attaches great importance to the preservation of the cultural art of the country and its transfer to the future, and emphasized that the inclusion of caricature albums among the 25 books published by the municipality is an indication of the importance given to the art of caricature and its preservation.

Member of the jury, Musa Kayra, expressed his happiness that the organization had reached its 10th anniversary and for his participation in this event. He added that the competition, which has an olive logo,  has a special relevance as the olive is also the symbol of peace,.
Selen Selışık, a member of the Selection Committee, congratulated the Girne Municipality, who organized the organization, and thanked everyone who contributed.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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