March 21, 2023

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Yesterday (29th July) we received the news that the TRNC Government has extended the Quarantine-Free entry into the TRNC for double-vaccinated travellers from the UK, until the end of August.

Unfortunately we have not received any confirmation from the UK that the Sinovac vaccine has been added to the list of vaccines which would allow anyone travelling to the UK, who has received both doses of that vaccine, being allowed quarantine-free access, but we are aware that the European Medicines Agency is testing the efficacy of the vaccine for that purpose.

Once we receive any further information we will circulate the details.


We have been made aware that certain premises are unaware of the rules allowing double-vaccinated members into the internal areas of their businesses.

Attached is a graphic which hopefully will help should THEY be unaware of the rules!


The Council of Ministers extended the partial curfew at night in the TRNC.

According to the order published in the Official Gazette, in accordance with the partial curfew imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is forbidden to go out every night from 00.00 until 05.00 in the morning until 3 August.

Within the framework of the decision of the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee, private sector employees working to meet basic needs and those who will perform essential services in the public sector such as police, fire brigade, municipality, civil defence, health workers, etc. will be exempt from the partial curfew.

Except for these people, they have to abide by the ban. Those who do not comply with the partial curfew will be prosecuted within the framework of the current legislation.


It is obligatory to comply with the mask and distance (1.5 meters) rules in all closed areas, and if it is determined that the specified rules are not followed, penal action will be applied in accordance with Article 43 (6) of the Infectious Diseases Law 45/2018.

Businesses will decide so that the total of customers and employees is 1 person in a maximum of 5 m2. In order to maintain social distance, these businesses have to put the m2 area and the total number of people in the business, including the employee, at the entrance of the business and mark the places accordingly. In addition, it is obligatory to apply hygiene and disinfection conditions both inside the workplace and at the entrance and exit, and it is the responsibility of the workplace to take and implement these measures.

The rules to be applied will be supervised by the District Police Boards, Municipalities, and the General Directorate of Police.

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