April 1, 2023

In an appalling example of unwarranted ageism.  A woman was, shockingly,  described as a 62 year old grandmother.

The 62 year old, who is a grandmother, brought claims for everything she could think of at an Industrial Tribunal in the UK. Agreeing that she was 62 and a grandmother she nevertheless pleaded that the accurate description of her was a foul attempt to smear her as no longer being a 16 year old virgin and therefore unemployable and unfit for a blind date. The woman is not blind. A judge agreed that this was the most egregious case of discrimination ever brought before the courts of a so called civilised country.

WARNING: The article above contains a lot of poetic licence but is true in substance.


2 thoughts on “News from the Asylum: Woman age shame scandal

    1. Sorry, we do not have a link to the actual Industrial Tribunal decision. There is a balanced report in BusinessMatters about the Anne Dopson case.

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