October 1, 2022

Organised by the Municipality of Girne and the Cyprus Turkish Cartoonists Association, the competition has released its 2020 album.  Despite the Covid-19 pandemic last year, 289 cartoonists from 62 countries participated in the International Olive and Free Cartoon Contest and presented 887 works.

Grand Prize (Free Themed Section): Ali Rastroo (Iran),

Olive Section
First Prize: Ayhan Alkan (United Kingdom),
Second Prize: Elahe Khoraman (Iran),
Third Prize: Zhaleh Yoosefinezhad (Iran),

Free Theme Section 
First Prize: Mustafa Tozaki (Cyprus),
Second Prize: Damir Novak (Croatia)
Third Prize: Grigoris Georgiou (Greece).

Girne Municipality continues to be a pioneer with its book publications

The newly published album for the year 2020 contains an introduction, describing the competition, press releases and historical and cultural photographs of our country. It features the winning cartoons and others deemed worthy of exhibition. The album also has the biographies and contributions from the artists who won the golden humour award with their caricatures of the world and our country.

Biler Demircioğlu is noted for his contributions to the fields of humorous theatre, humorous plays and parody that added to the good reputation of Turkish Cypriot humour.  Cemal Tunceri adds his contributions to Cypriot humour in the field of caricature, Alberto Morales for his contribution to the art of caricature in Cuba and Spain and the world including Cyprus. The satirical but humorous poems of Mahmut İslamoğlu expand the humour culture, Semih Poroy also makes his contributions to the art of Turkish caricature. Finally, the caricature art, and the biography of Utku Karsu describing his contributions to the Turkish Cypriot humour in the field of caricature are also included in the album.

Mayor of Girne, Nidai Güngördü, said; “Undoubtedly, books are an important and permanent medium which carry our culture to the future. We will continue our efforts to publish books with quality narrative, culture and art, presentations and seminar results in order to spread the love of books, reading habits and research culture.”

The “Olive Caricatures Album” is in Libraries in many countries of the world

Mayor Güngördü continued; “As it is known, the International ‘Olive Cartoons’ album books created by the Municipality of Girne feature the winners of the cartoon competition held every year and other excellent cartoons exhibited in the competition. They also contain photographs of historical sites and other aspects of our country. Albums are sent by mail to over 200 cartoonists and important bookstores in approximately 65 countries around the world, making very important contributions to the promotion of our country abroad, both artistically and culturally. In addition, album books are sent to many institutions, organisations, libraries, schools and universities here in North Cyprus.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality



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