March 28, 2023

Coordinated night-time inspections were carried out on Saturday (10th July) by teams from Girne District Governorate, Girne Municipality, Girne Police Department, Girne Environmental Services Department and Girne Primary Health Services Department. Three different teams, accompanied by Girne Governor Sinan Güneş and Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü, starting from different points in the city carried out late-night inspections to control the compliance with Covid Pandemic measures, general hygiene conditions, music sound levels and music and drink licence requirements.

During the inspections, which took place between 10 pm and 2 am, musical entertainment venues, casinos, betting shops, clubs, cafe’s, restaurants and taverns were inspected. PCR tests of the employees, health certificates, alcohol, music and business permits were all checked. Due to non-compliances detected by the teams some businesses were given a written warning notice. Six businesses were fined 38,128 TL in total for non-compliance with hygiene, music sound levels and Covid pandemic measures.  Five businesses were shut down and sealed.

Because of the increase in Covid 19 cases the level of inspections in the Kyrenia region has been increased. Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that the teams will continue to inspect venues across Girne in a programmed manner.  Emphasising that the aim of the inspections is not to punish but to help to bring the epidemic under control,  Mayor Güngördü repeated that the only way to prevent the epidemic spreading further is for people and especially business owners to act responsibly.   Güngördü also said that business owners were warned during the inspections that fines would be issued for violation of the rules and if the violations were not remedied further penalties could be imposed.

Girne District Governor, Sinan Güneş said that after the increase in cases of Covid 19 in the district the Girne district police committee decided to tighten controls. Confirming that they will continue the inspections they started yesterday evening as from next week Güneş observed that the reduction of cases cannot be achieved just by inspections but that individuals and business owners must act responsibly.  Noting that recently there had been some complacency about the epidemic measures, Güneş pointed out that criminal proceedings are being taken to eliminate abuses related to Covid 19 precautions. He asked all citizens to act responsibly and to take all the precautions necessary as they had in the past.

The inspections, which took place after the commencement of the curfew at midnight, were conducted in many parts of Kyrenia. 29 businesses operating in various sectors including 8 casinos, 12 restaurants, 7 bars and 2 cafe’s were investigated by the three teams.
– A total of 728 TL in fines were imposed on two businesses which were found to have deficiencies in general hygiene practices.
– A total of 35,200 TL in fines were imposed on four workplaces which did not comply with the Covid pandemic measures.
– A fine of 2200 TL was imposed on a bar that exceeded the volume limit for broadcast music.

– Four workplaces were sealed on the grounds that they did not comply with the pandemic measures. They were:
Nokta Café
Yaprak Tantuni restaurant
Bogota Bar
Dayim Ocak basi Restaurant
– One workplace, the Manipeni Restaurant, was sealed on the grounds that it did not comply with food hygiene regulations.

Source  (Turkish)  : Girne Municipality

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