March 21, 2023

During the official controls carried out by the Municipality of Girne, between 08 June – 30 June 2021, 204 businesses in total were inspected for food hygiene, general hygiene and Covid-19 Pandemic Measures, while 2 business activities, which were found to be deficient in terms of general food safety, were stopped and sealed.

Girne Municipality stopped the activities of 2 workplaces and sealed them on the grounds that they did not work in accordance with the health conditions during the hygiene controls they routinely carried out in public eating and drinking places. The activities of the Mami Malti Market, which had technical deficiencies regarding the building in its operating conditions, and the Zeytin Village Tavern, which was found to be inconsistent in the kitchen design conditions, were stopped and sealed. It has been reported that the Mami Malti market, which has eliminated its technical deficiencies, is now allowed to operate, while the renovation works of Zeytin Village Tavern are continuing.

In the information received from Girne Municipality, it was stated that a total of 204 workplaces were inspected during the inspections carried out by the Girne Municipality Health Branch and the Police City Safety Unit teams between 08 June – 30 June 2021.

While it was stated that the night inspections of food, beverage and entertainment venues were given importance, 44 workplaces were notified for their shortcomings within the scope of general workplace controls, 6 businesses were warned to close if they did not rectify their deficiencies, 1 workplace was found to be inadequate due to food hygiene measures, 4 workplaces were fined for not taking the necessary Covid precautions, and various food products that were not in suitable conditions were confiscated in 2 markets.

In addition, it was stated that the controls for the sales in the Girne Municipality Open Market, which is held every Wednesday, continue within the framework of the Covid-19 Pandemic measures.

Since the hygiene conditions of the food are of great importance in the management of the Covid epidemic process, the Municipality has given weight to official controls since the beginning of the process. The purpose of legal audits on taking Pandemic measures of businesses is to increase the awareness and responsibility awareness of the food and beverage and entertainment sector operators and their employees and to protect the health of our people. In the pandemic process, since the hygienic conditions, the importance of which is better understood, are an essential legal responsibility by all food-related businesses, whether it is an epidemic or not, the sanctions in the opposite applications will continue. Responsibility should not be overlooked by remembering that protecting food and hygiene means protecting human life.

“In these days when social mobility has increased with the effect of very hot weather, let’s not give up our measures to protect from the pandemic, which still continues to affect the whole world.  The increase in human mobility due to the density of eating, drinking and entertainment venues requires strict implementation of hygiene-related measures in this sector. It is our duty to protect the health of not only our valuable citizens, but also our foreign students and tourists in our country. For a safe summer and a safe tourism season, we, as the Municipality, will continue the controls without interruption. However, our people should also pay attention to mask, personal social distance and hygiene issues. The whole society, our people, our shopkeepers and local administrators, must manage this critical process with good cooperation.”

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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