March 31, 2023

Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD), held a webinar entitled “Alone and Together: An Introduction to Works of Tim Brennan” by Prof. Tim Brennan, Head of Art and Performance Department from Manchester School of Art (MsoA). Brennan is a well-known artist who regularly showcases his artistic work and performances internationally.

Tim Brennan

In the webinar entitled “Alone and Together: An Introduction to Works of Tim Brennan” which was hosted by ARUCAD, Department Head of the Manchester School of Art and Performance, Prof. Tim Brennan discussed many issues regarding the processes of creative production and art practices. The webinar in which Brennan’s works as a multidisciplinary artist who produces works in many branches of art, were introduced, interpreted and moderated by Assistant Professor Esra Plümer Bardak, a Faculty member of the Department of Photography, at ARUCAD.  The webinar was broadcasted live on the University’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

Tim Brennan, who brought his works physically to the audience in Cyprus with the exhibition held at Art Space, the exhibition center of ARUCAD in Nicosia, is an independent artist who has been producing works in the fields of photography, painting and poetry for almost half a century. Brennan, who will also be a visiting professor at the ARUCAD University within the framework of the cooperation between Manchester School of Art and ARUCAD, presented the works and projects that shaped his career during the online seminar.

Brennan explained his general view of art as “I dedicated myself to art. I am interested in all forms of art, both traditional and modern”.  In addition, Brennan also talked about the effect of walking and movement on the philosophy of art, the questioning of our relationship with “the place” and “its history” by focusing on the walking form, and the symbolism in his works. When he was asked how his works were perceived by viewers on social media platforms such as Instagram by an attendee, Brennan replied: “Even though I am a traditional artist, I cannot say that I have concerns about this”. The interesting point for me in terms of social media is how instant interaction tools such as the total number of likes it receives on social media shaped or can shape my social outlook.

Obviously, the value of my works on social media is not determined by the number of likes they receive, but it certainly makes me happy if my work gets a lot of ‘likes’.”  ARUCAD will continue to host webinars of well-known names and academics in the fields of art, design and visual communication, and make these well-known names and academics available to the audiences in the next Academic Year as well.

Source : Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

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