March 28, 2023

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I have, this morning  (4th June 2021) been in a lengthy video conference call with members of the British High Commission to discuss questions which have been asked by our Members with regard to travelling from the TRNC to the RoC via one of the Green Line crossings.

It would seem that in the short to medium term things should be as they were prior to the closure of the Crossings pre-Brexit, although we are led to believe that as things settle down this could change.

We want to be positive, but we would urge caution.  We are no longer in the EU and if the Republic chooses to implement the rules for 3rd party nationals, they have the right to do so.

In order to ensure clarity I have done this as a Q and A.

Q – Will UK citizens require any form of visa to enter the RoC?
A- At this moment in time there is NO requirement to show anything but a negative PCR test result taken within SEVEN days of your journey and your passport. It is advised that the PCR result should be the original printed result – NOT on a phone.
Q – What will we need to enable TRNC vehicles to be driven in the RoC?
A – As previously required, you will need a RoC Ministry of Transport document showing your vehicle is able to be used in the RoC. This document can, at present, ONLY be obtained from Metehan crossing.  The office is just past the Immigration Desks on the right.  You will need to have your vehicles original documents (Logbook, MOT, Tax) and show your UK Driving Licence.

Once you have obtained this document you must then visit one of the Insurance booths to obtain Insurance to provide cover for you to drive in the RoC.

Q – Will we be able to drive using UK driving licences?
A – At present, there is no restriction, however, post 7th July, residents in the RoC must surrender their UK licences for a RoC EU version. There is no advice as to how this will affect TRNC based residents.
Q – Will we need International D/Ls?
A – Not as far as we are aware – yet.
Q – Which crossing points will we need to use now we are 3rd party nationals?
A – Our advice is that ALL are in use.
Q – Is it likely that ‘overstayers’ or those who entered via an ‘illegal’ point of entry be refused entry?
A – We have been told that at present passports will not be stamped and that the systems used at the Green Line crossings by the RoC Immigration officers cannot distinguish where your last point of Access/Egress onto the Island was. The issue here potentially is that the Greek Cypriot Immigration Officers can, and probably will check passports.  If they see TRNC Residency Visa stamps in your passports, they may refuse you entry.  If this happens it will simply be that you are told you are refused entry and they will turn you back.

The final advice is that if you use one of the SBA crossings (Pile or Black Knight, Famagusta) you are less likely to encounter these problems, but again this could change at any time.

Should you encounter problems can you please provide feedback for us to pass to the British High Commission team.

If and when we receive updated advice we will share this with you.

Kind Regards

Peter Wilkins
British Residents Society

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  1. It seams nothing has changed in Cyprus siunce I was there in the 50’s. May be the killings, but nothing elce. Sad realy

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