March 26, 2023

Evaluating Israeli attacks on Gaza, President Ersin Tatar said “TRNC will not be Gaza”.

 Tatar made a written statement regarding the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In his statement, Tatar noted “I strongly condemn the ongoing Israeli attacks on the al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan and their operations against the Palestinians who wanted to worship there. The UN Security Council and the other international powers sit back and watch the Israeli attacks on Gaza as they also did during the 1964-74 period in Cyprus when the Greek Cypriots attacked the Turkish Cypriot people. Those who sit back and watch the terrorism and the massacre take part in the crime of humanity. While the whole world sits back and watches, only motherland Turkey reacts to this crime and tries to end these attacks. Turkey’s efforts towards this direction are the greatest service on behalf of humanity, law and justice. History will record this.”  

The world remaining as a bystander to the atrocities, terror and genocide in Gaza has shown us once again the importance of the full and effective guarantee of Turkey and the presence of the Turkish army in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. When we take into account what we experienced in Cyprus in the past and what is being experienced in Gaza, it is not possible for us to abandon Turkey’s guarantorship and the existence of the Turkish army in the TRNC. The reason for the demands of the Greek – Greek Cypriots and the UN and the EU as ‘abrogating the guarantorship of Turkey, withdrawing of the Turkish army from Cyprus and ensuring the EU security in Cyprus’ is now better understood. The world should know that the guarantorship of Turkey will not be abrogated, the Turkish army will not withdraw from Cyprus and the TRNC will not be Gaza.

I once again strongly condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza and wish God’s mercy to our Palestinian brothers who were martyred in these attacks and give my condolences to the Palestinian people. Our support and prayers are for the Palestinian people.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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