September 27, 2022

By Chris Elliott….

Facebook often brings up thought-provoking memories of past events and on the 17th May 2021 I was reminded I had seen and shared a posting of Facebook with the comment “Now things are really hotting up over a non event.”

Like the recent 5+UN informal meeting this also shuddered to a standstill with the major difference being that the TRNC was clear they wanted to discuss a two state solution.

On the down side, the so called Republic of Cyprus who have nothing to agree and have all they want or can get and hold all the ace cards given to it by the UK who created the Cyprob House of Cards supported by the UN and EU, and the UN just fiddles around pretending progress can be made and are now looking for another 5+UN informal meeting.

Any bets on what the next outcome will be?


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