April 1, 2023

We are sharing for readers who are seeking the latest facts and information news recently provided by the British Residents’ Society to their members.


There has recently been a change in the categories of those persons currently allowed to enter the TRNC.

Initially only TRNC citizens were allowed, this was then changed to include those persons with Residency, then this was again modified yesterday (10th March) to include the following –

  • Persons who owned property, or
  • Persons who rented property

It was explained that in order for either of the above categories to be allowed entry to the TRNC they had to be in possession of either,

  • A Kocan, title deed OR a stamped Sales Contract for their property, or
  • If renting a Rental Contract stamped by the tax office.

Following questions regarding whether or not a copy of the above documents was acceptable, we spoke to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation for clarification.  They subsequently informed us that ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS WERE ACCEPTABLE.

It was explained that most of the UK residents/homeowners did not carry the original documents, but we were informed that copies would not be allowed as it was possible that they could be falsified.

Our advice to those members who wish to return, but are in the above situation, would be that if they knew someone who was trusted by them and had access to where the documents were kept, they could retrieve them and possibly send them via a courier services (such as DHL) prior to them booking a return flight.

Also the fact still remains that anyone arriving in the TRNC from the UK will also be required to provide a negative PCR result prior to boarding AND must remain in quarantine for FOURTEEN days on arrival, which will be paid for by the traveller.

Editor’s note: For those readers wishing to learn more of the British Residents’ Society and registration as a member which can be started on-line please visit their website – https://brstrnc.com :

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