March 28, 2023

Life in North Cyprus has been very difficult due to Covid-19 lockdowns and businesses have had to close and people stay in their homes so it is very refreshing to hear of people working together when they can, to help others and we are pleased to share with you news from Sandra Brennan at Tims Café and Bar in Ozankoy.

“Recently we were contacted by Hüseyin Kayışkanat from the charity Çağdaş Ayyıldız Derneği asking for help with food parcels for the hungry in Ozanköy and Catalköy.  Well here at Tim’s/33 we only need asking once!

Together with donations from Barry Osman, Vernon and Jackie Attwell and David and Pat James, we went shopping and, as you can see, managed to buy quite a few food parcels.

Each parcel costs approximately 150TL and we’re asking for your help! If any of you would like to donate either money or food to help these poor families please let me know by calling 0548 844 9256 or messaging me.”

So that was the start of community action and cooperation by a group of kind people who wanted to help others which have been most successful as we learned from Sandra.

“As you’re all aware we haven’t been able to open Tims Café and Bar (apart from takeaways) for quite some time but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy!

Here at Tim’s we appreciate not only the beauty of where we live but also the acceptance of our local friends into their community. So, what better way to show our appreciation than to help support less fortunate families during the lockdown.  With your extremely generous donations we managed to raise over 35,000TL in just two short weeks!! This enabled us to pay for over 230 food parcels to help these struggling families.

And, it doesn’t stop there! Your very kind donations of clothing, care essentials, toys and furniture were delivered to the Lefkosa women’s refuge together with 1,180tl from our collection box!

We would like to thank every single one of you including Ledi Supermarket who have helped us on this albeit short but very important journey! To all of us it really does mean the World!! “

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