April 1, 2023

Introduction by Margaret Sheard ….

These are very difficult times for street animals, shelter animals and those who do their best to care for them.  With the lockdowns/curfews it has resulted in the food chain being very much reduced. 

We have had a plea for help from the Famagusta Shelter for food for their huge number of puppies.   If anyone can help please contact Sarah Jane Purcell or make a donation at the Shelter.

Readers Mail….
From Sarah Jane Purcell ….

” I wondered if you could help us at the Famagusta shelter in regards to a shout out for puppy food please… we have been inundated with so many puppies this year that we simply have not got enough food to feed them.

Donations have been coming in from 2-3 people but with a massive population here I feel it could be more. We have over 70 pups now and most without mums. Even bags of rice can help us as this bulks the puppies up when they are so sick and tiny. I feel that with corona and the rules and regulations it’s made it so much worse than usual due to people buying from pet shops and then dumping the dogs to get pregnant. In all my years at the shelter (8 years) this is the most we have had at one time.  

We so desperately need help to get puppy biscuits and rice, even cans of wet food we can mix with the food to make it go further.  Any help with food will be most welcome. “

Editors note: Anyone wanting to donate please call me Sarah on 0533 832 0174

2 thoughts on “Famagusta Shelter (FARC) needs urgent help for puppies

  1. How can we help? Famagusta is a long way from Kyrenia. I would like to help. 0533 859 7663

    1. Hello Richard give Sarah a call on 0533 832 0174

      Anyone wanting to donate please call me Sarah on 0533 832 0174

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