March 26, 2023

Special Representative of President Ersin Tatar, Ergün Olgun stated that equal international status and legitimacy conditions should be created between the two sides for sustainable peace, stability and cooperation in Cyprus.

In the written statement made by Olgun, it was stated that the 1960 partnership arrangements and usurpation of the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people in 1963 by the Greek Cypriots is a clear violation of 1960 Treaties and the Constitution.

The statement emphasised “The tolerance of this usurpation by the international community did not legitimise this international illegality and did not eliminate the legitimate equal rights and status of the Turkish Cypriots. It is accepted in the UN Security Council resolutions that the relation of the sides is not a minority / majority relationship and it is on the basis of a political equality. The problem is that this principle and its reasons are observed by the international community in practice”.

Furthermore, it was stated that it should also be remembered that the mission of the United Nations organisation is to facilitate the achievement of an agreement freely negotiated and accepted by the two parties in Cyprus. It was also stressed “In this context, everything is included in the resolutions of the UN Security Council that nothing will be accepted until everything is accepted”.

Considering the objective realities of our island and our region and what is required for peace and stability in this geography, it is obvious that sustainable reconciliation and cooperation with the Greek side is not possible to be reached with the so-called federal partnership arrangements that provide the Greek side with superiority in many aspects and patching the Turkish Cypriot side to the so-called Republic of Cyprus under their occupation.

Considering also the events in the last 54 years of negotiation process, the Greek Cypriot side using the international status unfairly and the main reason of the instability in the Eastern Mediterranean, it is clear that sustainable peace, stability and cooperation is possible with equal status of the two sides and by respecting sovereign equality of the two sides.  “With this vision, the Turkish Cypriot side will attend the 5+UN unofficial meeting where it will be discussed whether there is a common ground to start the official negotiations or not. In our continuous contacts with the UN, it is foreseen that the meeting will be held in the second half of April 2021 and most probably in Geneva”.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


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