March 28, 2023

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 The Regulations have been clarified since our previous update.

Due to the increasing number of cases the following requirement has been introduced.  A digital CURFEW EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE is now required for ALL travel, with the exception of going to your local shop.

The curfew is now 24-hours, which means that ANYONE caught away from their home without good reason or a Curfew Exemption Certificate (except as mentioned above) will be committing an offence and WILL be prosecuted.

The link for Curfew Exemption Certificates is and can only be obtained online.


In addition to the earlier update, the ability to travel between ANY Districts will now require a negative PCR test taken within the previous SEVEN days.  It will also require permission as mentioned above.

Should you need to travel between Districts for Medical reasons you MUST possess a Negative PCR test.

This has now been further complicated by the announcement from Dr Ali Pilli this lunchtime, who has stated that ‘Due to extreme intensity and demand, PCR tests conducted across the country have been stopped due to a capacity issue’.  Registered essential workers will still be able to obtain PCR tests but all non-essential travel is being strictly curtailed.

Until this has been resolved we recommend that members should contact their Hospitals etc. and seek their advice.

Once PCR testing has resumed, we will notify you.


The Minister of Health Dr. Ali Pilli called citizens to isolate at home, saying cases have increased, and even more are expected today.  He went on to say ′ Please everyone isolate in their homes. From now on, the duty of self-defence is up to the people. The contagion continues to rise’.

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