April 1, 2023

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu made a statement in order to eliminate the misinformation created in the public regarding the Special Zoning Order issued regarding the amendment to be made on certain immovable properties to give planning approval for certain developments.

In his statement, Minister Ataoğlu stated that with the amendment made, it includes the transfer of ‘Usage Changes’ to local governments in order to reduce the workload of the City Planning Department and ease the procedure.

“As it is known, the main task of the City Planning Department is to prepare zoning plans in accordance with the 55/89 Zoning Law and to issue a decree in places where there is a threat of construction. Minister Ataoğlu said, “Capital Nicosia Zoning Plan, Girne Çatalköy Zoning Plan, Beyarmudu Zoning Plan, Girne Conservation Environmental Plan, Alagadi Protection Environment Plan, and underlined that Girne 2nd Regional Ordinance, Girne 1st Regional Ordinance, Bosphorus Ordinance, Karpaz Ordinance, Bafra Ordinance, Tatlısu Büyükkonuk Ordinance and Famagusta İskele Yenibogaziçi Ordinance are in force.

Minister Ataoğlu emphasised that the developments within the boundaries of the region in question are subject to the approval of the City Planning Department, which causes a serious workload in the department as well as great losses in terms of time, “With the change made in accordance with the local service concept, our City Planning Department, within the framework of the planning of the company, the permits to open workplaces in the relevant regions are within the scope of local governments, and with these changes, we have also given the ‘Usage Changes’ under the responsibility of the local governments as the permitting authority, thus alleviating the workload of our Department, whose primary task is Planning.  This will enable it to work more efficiently, ” he said.

Source (Turkish) Ministry of Tourism and Environment


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