January 30, 2023

Mayor Güngördü made statements about the measures and activities taken in the region.

Girne Municipality health and hygiene controls; In food-related businesses, the cleaning of the general work areas, the hygiene and Covid measures taken, the hygiene measures and food safety elements of the employees has increased. In addition to the warnings given to businesses to eliminate nonconformities, the detection of situations that endanger human health in the enterprise will result in a penalty being imposed for closing the business.

Giving information about the measures and studies taken, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said; “First of all, the decision taken by the Supreme Council of Health entered into force as of yesterday evening (26th January 2021) with the decision of the Council of Ministers. With the measures taken in March-April 2020, closures came to the agenda again. One would wish that we had not come to such a point, but the rapid movement, especially in the Girne region, has forced the government and the higher health board to take this decision. Therefore, I would like to point out that we discussed the measures taken in the district crisis committee this morning (27th January 2021). Girne District Governor Sinan Güneş, myself and the police director, reviewed the decisions one by one, exchanged views on what needs to be done and we are starting inspections as of today.”

Güngördü said, “In addition to all the rules within the framework of the inspections, today, the Council of Ministers has given the Girne Municipality the authority to impose penalties on Covid-19, as in other municipalities, and we have assigned 9 of our personnel to this issue.

There are some uncertainties in the decisions taken. For example, construction-related activities will continue, DIY markets will be open, and takeaway and devlivery package services will be open until 22.00. Again, the concept of Market and Off Licence should be underlined very well in order not to experience the previous debate again. We will pay attention to all of these in our inspections. 

In respect of Girne Municipality, all employees working in the company, cleaning services, Park Gardens Department, everyone working in auxiliary buildings and mukhtars will continue working until a new assessment on Friday. According to the evaluation we will make, we can rotate our personnel. In terms of protecting the departments, we can make this decision in the coming days. At this stage, what I want to say is that I urge everyone to observe social distancing, wear a mask and, of course, avoid crowded places.

The vaccination studies we started last week with the members of the Second Spring will continue. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated we will transport to Dr. Akçiçek Hospital. By renting an ambulance, we continue our work on this issue.

First of all, we should not reduce our personal precautions by following the rules. When we take our own precautions, we protect both ourselves, our family and our children. I wish all our people to be careful and cautious until 10th February. Thank you.”

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality

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