March 28, 2023

After the Wine Travellers Club was awarded the title of candidate membership by Eurhodip in Europe due to its informative and professional wine education, Wine Travellers Club is implementing another important project in the name of wine culture in Cyprus.

Cem Tilki, the founder and wine instructor of Wine Travellers Club, is carrying out another important project called “Wine Exchange Project” in terms of Cyprus wine culture by further strengthening his studies and contacts in Europe and other new world wine countries on the international wine sector, production and global trade.

In this context, an agreement was made with the wine producer and owner of La Cignozza Winery, Roberto del Buono, in Tuscany, one of the most famous wine regions of Italy.

According to the “Wine Exchange Project”,  there will be constant exchange on both Tuscan and Cyprus indigenous wine grapes information, viticulture, harvest, climate and soil characteristics and their effects on wine, winemaking, gastronomy,  wine trade, international identity and presence.

Roberto del Buono said that a very important bridge has been established between Tuscany and Cyprus in terms of wine culture, education, and wine tourism. Buono finally congratulated Wine Educator Cem Tilki for his creative project and says that he is very happy to be part of it.

Cem Tilki and Roberto del Buono review a wine.

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