March 28, 2023

Readers mail….
From U. Yilmaz….

Dear CyprusScene,

Sadly I have only had robot replies but no replies with answers to a number of emails I sent about my cause for concern from Al Jazeera but then that is no great surprise as for years the Western Media has been far from impartial when reporting the Cyprus problem and I ask you to share my thoughts on the Truth of the Cyprus Issue with your readers.

Thank you,
U. Yilmaz

” Dear Al Jazeera,

Re: Project Force: Battle for resources in the eastern Mediterranean, A. Gatopoulos, 13th August 2020…….

Unfortunately, that report has only recently been highlighted on my iPhone. Nevertheless I feel I must write to you.

I live in the UK and over the years Al Jazeera has become my ‘go to’ channel for objective, in depth, local news from all over the world.

However, I was disappointed by Mr Gatopoulos’s report which followed along the lines of the Western media as far as Cyprus is concerned. Turkish Cypriots, although a minority, are co-owners of the ‘Cyprus Republic’ by the 1960 Zurich and London Agreements.ürich_Agreements

Greece, Turkey and the UK guaranteed the sovereignty of the young republic. But Turkish Cypriots  were forced out of the administration violently in 1963 and had to take refuge in ghettos in 3% of the island until 1974. The world media now acknowledges that it was Greece’s attempt to annex the island which precipitated Turkey’s peace initiative then. There have been plenty of talks, meetings, UN and EU involvements since, of which I am sure you are aware.

In 1983, after frustrated attempts to return to a cooperative administration on the island Turkish Cypriots opted for an independent Republic, the TRNC. Nevertheless, they continued taking part in reunification talks. The latest was at Crans Montana in 2017,–2017_Cyprus_talks

However, the world and your News Editor continue to ignore Turkish Cypriot rights on the island. Yet, whichever way you define territorial waters, EEZ or continental shelf regulations, Turkish Cypriots’ rights should be upheld now and not deferred waiting for a solution that has not materialised in 56 years!

The TRNC is a fully functioning democratic state with parties, elections, parliament, judiciary etc and I invite you to follow an English language newspaper,  to acquaint yourself with the country. Suffice it to say that in the present pandemic emergency they have proven to be an example to the rest of the world in protecting their citizens. And that achievement is despite embargoes depriving them of their human rights for half a century. Their success in surviving this long is due to their own resilience and the support offered by Turkey.

Yours etc,

U Yilmaz.”

2 thoughts on “Why does the media want to ignore Northern Cyprus?

  1. The problem is that most countries of any importance are brainwashed persistently and continually since 1974,by the propaganda emanating from the mouths of Greece and Greek occupied Southern Cyprus.
    On the other hand, Turkey and Northern Cyprus NEVER deny the downright lies both Greece and G.O Cyprus in their propaganda programme against the Turkish Cypriots. it is time the rest of the world sat up and took notice of the injustices they have and still are, meting upon Northern Cyprus.

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