March 31, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

In my opinion, the year 2020, is one such year that all of us want to end immediately. Though it’s still more than a week to enter the new year, we are all anxious to see the back of the year 2020 urgently. Though the clocks keep on ticking the same way and ticked all round the year, yet somewhere in our mind, we want the clocks to speed up through the remaining few days of this year.

There is no doubt that the year 2020 will remain in the history books in years to come, as one of the most horrible years. The way the COVID-19 terrified and terrorised the whole world during this year, is perhaps one of its own kind. Indeed, the past filled with epidemics of all sorts, which have taken the lives of humans in millions, yet they were all natural diseases. It is the first time in history that one single virus, created by the scientists in their laboratory, spilled out and terrified the whole world.

Indeed we all expect and hope the year 2021 to be a better year, yet the world is expected to remain under the influence of COVID-19, for many months still, even if the vaccination plans have been implemented properly, correctly, and effectively. The fact is that though the vaccines have been declared effective,  I personally believe that the chances of their serious side effects cannot be ignored.

However, it is not only COVID-19 that made the year 2020 an unforgettable year. The presidential elections of USA also made its mark in 2020, The way President Donald Trump behaved, after losing the elections, brought a bad name to democracy. After the announcement of the election results he refused to accept his defeat, in the hands of Joe Biden. Trump, challenged the outcome, and decided to go to court. He also refused to leave the White House.

All this ungentlemanly sort of behaviour by a President of United States of America, not just brought a bad name to the country but also brought a question mark to the institution of democracy. The essence and application of democracy became a hot topic, during those days, in most of the media. Not just in the USA, but the whole world found the behaviour of Donald Trump unjust.

Ultimately, Trump accepted his defeat, and the year 2021 is going to see Joe Biden in the White House.

As the year 2020 finishing its 365 days long journey, the whole world appears tired, depressed, and confused. We all expect the year 2021 to bring happiness and peace everywhere.

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