June 25, 2022

By Richard Beale  ……

Last Friday (11th December) at the Bestseller Bookshop, Karakum I had the pleasure of meeting author N K Chavush who was there to sign copies of his successful book PLAYING IN PARADISE“.

Like myself we have a mutual interest in local TRNC football and through his worldwide sales this has promoted North Cyprus football to a larger audience. N K kindly signed my copy of the book “TRNC football matters” and while I was there quite a few people were present wanting signed copies.

I believe, if it has not already been done, the book will be serialised on BRT radio.

Earlier in the year I reviewed “PLAYING IN PARADISE” if you have not read it I highly recommend it as it is a cracking read.

It is like opening a “can of worms”, it races you through English football, TRNC football, it’s a TRNC tourist guide with places of interest and local restaurants and bars that you have probably visited. It has romance, a murder plot, mystery and intrigue, it’s not all about football.

The book is available from Bestseller, Karakum and all leading North Cyprus bookstores and also in Kindle from from Amazon.

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