March 31, 2023

Girne Municipality continues its inspections as part of Food Safety and Hygiene controls.

In the statement made by Girne Municipality Health Branch; In the city of Girne, where the people of our country show great interest, routine inspections of the general hygiene and health conditions of the food and beverage sector, which continues to serve even in the shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic, continue uninterruptedly.

In addition to the general Municipality Police (Zabıta) inspections carried out within the scope of the obligation to implement COVID-19 Pandemic measures in all commercial enterprises, Health Branch Teams carry out the control of general hygiene and food safety aspects in businesses that have activities related to eating and drinking, which is one of the basic needs of daily life.

According to the information provided by the Girne Municipality, visits were made to a total of 96 different businesses during the inspections, including night raids, between 1-15 December 2020. Within the scope of these audits action was taken as follows :

  • Tazecik Gıda and Heybe Restaurant were fined 1680 TL in total for various deficiencies.
  • Establishments such as Ateş Kebap, Çağdaş Pastry Shop, Zeytinlik Butcher, Beer Point, Cyprus Hair Aesthetics, whose legal permissions were lacking or whose hygiene measures were insufficient, have been sealed; After their deficiencies were eliminated and all hygiene-related measures were provided, their activities were allowed again.
  • During the shelf controls, 10 products from the Mami Malti Market business, which were forbidden to be sold outdoors, were seized for destruction.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated the work for the protection of general health, which is one of the most fundamental duties of our municipality, continues without slowing down, because human life and health take precedence over many other issues. Within the framework of the vision we have created in order to touch life, support life and contribute to the whole of life, we carry out hygiene controls of food-related businesses with an independent unit within the framework of scientific principles. Preserving food means protecting human life. At this point we have not compromised on the criteria that are essential for all businesses to implement. Contrarily, we guide our work in order to contribute to the development of general standards. It is important for us to cooperate with the same sensitivity of all businesses that provide food and beverage services. I would like to remind once again to all our businesses and our citizens the importance of implementing the necessary measures in respect of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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