March 31, 2023

Readers mail…..
Richard Chamberlain……

What has happened to the road surface on the back road from Catalkōy to Ozankōy?

There are 3 places where either the Catalkoy Highways department have dug it up and left large holes in the road or all of a sudden the road has disintegrated because of the rain we have had.

This road is very busy in the morning and late afternoon with people going to and from work and drivers have to make dangerous diversions to avoid the large holes in the road. My son in law split a tyre on his car when he hit the hole on a wet dark night recently causing the replacement of a new tyre at £50.

Surely Catalkōy Highways department must know about the state of the road, even if they didn’t cause it. A motorcyclist could be killed if he hit the holes at night in the rain

For God’s sake, someone from the Catalkōy Highways department needs to get down there and sort it out before a serious accident happens.


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