March 27, 2023

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü issued a message for the International Day of Struggle Against Violence Against Women on 25th November.

Güngördü said, “The problem of violence against women throughout history is unfortunately one of the most painful problems of humanity today. The fight against this problem is possible with the gender equality policy of the state, institutions and individuals. Any form of violence is unacceptable. “Women are symbols of life and peace, not violence and savagery.”

Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that Girne Municipality, which attaches importance to gender equality and women and children being strong, free and happy individuals, put the Consultancy and Support Center into service on 9th March 2018, where more than 100 people have received consultancy services. He stated that the goal is to support women, children and families to deal with problems.

Güngördü said that the Consultancy and Support Center, affiliated to the Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch, reached out to women who were subjected to violence, and that they supported the programs prepared for this purpose by carrying out activities to raise awareness about domestic violence and violence against women.

Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Manager Misli Kadıoğlu pointed out the importance of being in solidarity for women’s rights and equality and pointed out that femicide, hate speech against women, oppression and violence against women at home, work and social life can be prevented by gender equality policies.

Stating that besides the culture of inequality and violence created by the patriarchal system, economic problems, unemployment and poverty also create a situation that feeds violence, Kadıoğlu said that the Girne Municipality Social Life Center, which will open in December, will organise courses and training for women in the region, empowering women in all ways, and active in the workforce. She expressed her belief that she will be supportive in order to participate and have a say in production.

Kadıoğlu stated that besides culture and art courses, training such as handicrafts, basic sculpting courses, literacy courses, language courses, computer and technology courses will be given in the center, and that the Consultancy and Support Center aims to work in cooperation with the participating women in combating violence. 

Kadıoğlu said, “We women have to claim our rights. For this reason, we have to improve and strengthen ourselves in every way”. Reminding that the Consultancy and Support Center is for women with all kinds of problems, Kadıoğlu said that the center can be reached on 0392 815 61 04 and 0533 879 95 95.

Source (Turkish) : Girne Municipality

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