June 5, 2023

By Kate Cornwell….

It has been an awful year for all of us …..

I was meant to be going back to the UK for Xmas (first time in 15 years) to be with all the family!  But him ‘upstairs’ had other ideas and obviously I won’t be going, so feeling low and a little depressed like too many people, I read, I think on Kibcom a post that was singing the praises of KMR Logistics.

My friend Jane and I discussed this and thought wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea that we filled a box (suitcase) and got it delivered with all sorts of goodies and necessary items (like I was running out of my contact lenses)!  I contacted Kamil  Reis and he explained that if we wanted a box to come from the UK it could either go by ship (6 weeks to arrive) or there was a transit van that went from Enfield to Famagusta docks twice a month.  He advised that the box should not weigh more than 30 kilos and that it would cost £30.00 (obviously not including customs tax if there were items that they could tax)!!!

My laptop had died on me as I had stupidly knocked over some liquid that went into the laptop and basically it was a goner even though a computer company tried to fix it!  My nephew heard that I was really unhappy as I couldn’t afford a new one and trying to do emails etc on an iPhone was doing my head in!  Luckily for me, he had a spare HP laptop – only a year or so old and was prepared to give it to me.  Problem how to get it out to me – DHL would have charged an exorbitant  price,  BUT now I had a chance with KMR to get it to me at a fabulous inexpensive price.  My friend and I were onto Amazon and other online companies buying necessary items that we so needed and filling the box with all sorts of goodies!  Oh we were so excited – been the best thrill for months! I know how sad!

My wonderful brother in law the day before the transit was due to leave, drove all the way up from Sherbourne, Dorset to Enfield – what a star that man is.  My sister had added some lovely Xmas presents from the family as a wonderful surprise.

The transit left the UK and arrived 2 weeks later as Kamil had said and the boxes were then unloaded into a warehouse at customs.  NOW this is when it got totally frustrating and certainly nothing to do with KMR Logistics but to do with the speed or lack of, for the customs officers to go through the shipment!  Over one week it took them, poor Kamil was being harassed by me bless him, but as he said there is nothing he can do, they ‘work at their own speed’ which is obviously totally frustrating for him as he doesn’t receive payment until the item or items are delivered!

I got the wonderful message on my phone from him, that the box would be delivered late afternoon between 4.30-5 pm.  So excited, texted my friend and she said she would come up to me when the box had arrived, thinking that it wouldn’t come between those specified times.  Well folks, at 4.55 there was a knock on the door and in came a lovely guy holding my box which I asked him to take into the lounge.  I paid him the £30 as luckily there were no added customs charges.  When I received the message, earlier in the day, I had put a bottle of bubbly in the fridge.  Phoned my friend who was with my in 5 and we started to unload the box!  What a lovely couple of hours we had going through all the things with a lovely glass in our hand!

Kamil thank you for a wonderful service and we are now planning for the new year, our second box!

For more information of KMR Logistics please click here

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