September 30, 2023

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Mağusa Mesarya Lions Club ….

Mağusa Mesarya and Nicosia New Generation Lions Clubs of the Undistricted area of ​​Cyprus, Lions International registered clubs working in an independent and undistricted nature, organised the free diabetes screening activity at Famagusta City Mall on the occasion of 14 November World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes screening activity performed by Expert Biologist Özbir Akbaşak, member of Mağusa Mesarya Lions.

Serving with 1.5 million members worldwide, the International Association of Lions Clubs provides community service with diabetes awareness activities in November every year.

Lions International, which accepts Northern Cyprus as the undistricted territory, considers diabetes as one of the five global service activities.

Nicosia New Generation Lions, a first established specialty club on Childhood Cancer and Oncology in the northern part of Cyprus, organised a fundraising activity for the benefit of Kemal Saraçoğlu Children with Leukemia and Cancer Fight Foundation during the diabetes screening activity and sold the items produced by the Foundation to help cancer patients. The Lions carried through the diabetes screening activity with the fundraising event on behalf of the Foundation.

Photos courtesy of Mağusa Mesarya Lions Club


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