My hip replacement at the Kyrenia University Hospital

By Chris Elliott,,,,

About 9 years ago I had a fall in a public building resulting in an injury requiring me to be taken to Girne State hospital where after x-rays it was found that the ball joint in my left hip has broken requiring a prosthetic implant, but as I had a chest infection this had to be treated before my operation which was then completed, resulting in  5 weeks in the hospital.

Dr Ramadan Őzmanevra M.D,

A year ago I had a very successful operation on my back in the Dr Suat Gunsel, Kyrenia University Hospital and whilst at the hospital for a check-up I made an appointment to see Ass. Prof of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Dr Ramadan Őzmanevra M.D, for his advice for pains in my left hip and right knee.

After X-rays it was established that both hip and knee joints would require replacement but with the arrival of the COVID-19 epidemic I just did nothing and endured the discomfort.

About 12 weeks ago I had a fall in the garden which gave me great pain in the area of my left hip implant but doing what many men do, I tried to take it easy but after a week the discomfort was still there so my partner Margaret called for an ambulance from Kyrenia University Hospital where on arrival I had an X-ray and it was found the hip was not broken but I decided to stay in the hospital for a number of tests to be made.

Now along comes the hand of fate as still with discomfort in my hip I managed to fall again when going to the bathroom and in great pain, the ward staff put me to bed and gave me painkillers.

The following day I was taken for more X-rays when it was found that as a result of the fall I had broken my left thigh bone where the hip implant was fitted and Dr Ramadan came to see me and said they would have to order a hip implant with extension that would help to join the broken thigh bone so arrangements were made to bring a new prosthetic implant from Turkey.

Again the hand of fate took over and the following week the TRNC Government cancelled all incoming flights to combat the threat of COVID-19 and I had to wait for the prosthetic implant to arrive, which was then sent by sea,

My operation was completed and I remained in hospital being monitored and started to receive physiotherapy to help rebuild my strength and also get me walking again.

I must say the care and attention I received from the nursing staff was wonderful and they tried so hard to help me deal with the frustrations of being in hospital and the discomfort I was suffering.

Then the great day came when I was discharged and sent home in an ambulance full of joy but sadly I started to suffer from diarrhea and after a few days Margaret, not being able to deal with the ongoing problems called Dr Ramadan who told her to call an ambulance for further treatment at the hospital.

Űlviye Koçarslan physiotherapist

For a further 10 days, I was back with my nursing friends as they helped me with this latest setback and continued to treat me, It was then discovered that I had an infection of the blood, liver and scar area that could threaten the area of the operation so I was then given a steady flow of antibiotics but as the infection was still not clearing I was taken back to the operating theatre where they opened the operation wound cleaned it and then I  was given further treatment and physiotherapy by physiotherapist Űlviye Koçarslan  who worked me hard until I was given the all clear and returned home by ambulance.

Now we have fresh challenges with Margaret giving me my tablets and injections plus we are so lucky to have friends who are able to help me with physiotherapy exercises and massage my legs, give me reflexology treatment plus help me with walking and as soon as my mobility improves I will go back to the hospital for more intense physiotherapy

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  1. I am sadened to read what you went through Chris. I hope all is well and you come back to be healthy again mate. You are a very valuable member of Cyprus and TRNC and contribute a lot to the community. Good luck mate.

    • Thank you Serman for your kind words and I will be working hard to regain my mobility and look forward to meeting up with you perhaps in 2021

    • Thank you Steven there is lots to do so I will just have to make time and keep the faith for all of the people that have been helping me

  2. Pleased to read that you have come through the worst and are ready to tackle the road to recovery. Wish you well for the challenges ahead but don’t jump the hurdles.. just go around them. 😉