BRS Weekly Update 19th October 2020

The British Residents’ Society published the latest news on 19th October 2020 and we are sharing the latest information provided through their ongoing liaison with the TRNC authorities which we are sharing for other readers who are seeking the latest facts and information. 


19th OCTOBER 2020


Following the voting yesterday (18th October) Ersin TATAR has been elected President in the TRNC for the next five years.

However, we probably will now have new elections following the breakdown in the coalition, so although we will continue to push for meetings with Ministers and senior Civil Servants we do not know how this will affect their availability or previous decisions.

We will, of course, monitor the situation and update you when we know.


Due to the ongoing Presidential Elections we have not seen any additional information being released by the Government.

Once we have something to share, we will do so.


We are aware that some private Taxi companies are providing a good service to assist travellers either leaving OR arriving at Larnaca or Paphos airports.

As far as ‘visiting’ the South for shopping trips, this is still restricted. Whilst the RoC administration has not changed its entry regulations it appears that co-operation between Cypriots is being used specifically for travel to and from the UK.

For those members intending to return to the TRNC via the ‘South’, please be aware that the time requirement for PCR tests is 72 hours (as opposed to 120 hours for the TRNC) prior to arrival.

This has thrown up a slight, but potentially expensive problem as to receive a guaranteed result within 24 hours as opposed to the normal 48 hours, some VIVO clinics are charging £249 for an ‘express’ result, not the ‘standard’ £145.

For information only. The BRS does not recommend particular clinics.

The current ‘amnesty’ for persons over 60 years of age who were present in the TRNC prior to the 23 October 2019, to complete their residency expires in less than 10 days.

The date for this has not been extended and you should have completed your Police Station Immigration appointment by that date. We have been made aware that should you be applying for an ‘Immovable Property’ permit (this will include family permits for that property) but will not complete your Police Immigration appointment by this date, you will have until 31 December 2020 BUT the applicants MUST provide a written
document showing why they were unable to complete this stage before 23 October 2020, due to COVID.

We are trying to seek clarification regarding this, as since the initial introduction of the solely on-line system we have seen the dates provided by the system for appointments at the Police Station Immigration offices, particularly in Girne, extended beyond FIVE weeks, so we are hoping that common sense will prevail.

We are also aware that should your passport have expired or not have the necessary period of validity, if you complete any applications prior to 31 December 2020 this will not affect your permit.

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