Animal care

Update on the Esentepe “OILY DOGS”

By Richard Beale ….

Another week has gone by and still no offers for a permanent home or foster home for POPEYE and PEANUT.

Plenty of interest, with a couple of offers from some Animal Sanctuaries in Spain and the UK, but of course where we are in the TRNC, getting the animals off the island is a no no because of Covid and pre Covid no animals allowed across the border North to South.

One week on and the dogs are in a better place, in a friends house with use of a large garden and a garage for shelter. They are being fed and watered by our small band of helpers, they are getting “part time” love and care rather than “full time” love and care. They are much better off than many abandoned, strays and street dogs in the TRNC.

It will only take one offer from some kind hearted person who has not been “dogged out” and they will be rewarded with love and affection from these two beautiful dogs.