December 6, 2023

Deputy Prime Ministry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The provocation of Greek Cypriot fascists should not go unpunished this time”

The Deputy Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasised that it is unacceptable for members of the ultranationalist and chauvinist organisations to break into the buffer zone under the supervision of the Greek Cypriot police and start fires by throwing torches and fireworks at the Derinya Land Border Gate which occurred on the evening of 11th October 2020.

In the written statement on the issue, it was stated that “the provocation of Greek Cypriot fascists should not go unpunished this time.”

“In addition, as announced in the Greek Cypriot press, fascist organisations made calls to the Greek Cypriot people to participate in demonstrations for the same reason with the participation of motorcycle groups in Lefkoşa on 13th October 2020 and in Derinya on 17th October 2020.

Our Ministry has already made the necessary suggestion to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in order to prevent the extremist groups who will participate in both demonstrations not to come close to the land border gates and to take necessary measures by the Greek Cypriot administration on this issue, which will be a test of sincerity for the Greek Cypriot side”.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

1 thought on “Provocation of Greek Cypriot fascists should not go unpunished

  1. It is accepted that the Police had twenty minutes warning, yet they had no personnel on the sight to observe or take any actions. Instead they confirmed that the two arrested ware recognised from public video evidence.
    In my opinion the whole act had been arranged by the Eoka B, who are known to be the only ones holding senior positions in the Police and other security organisations.
    This clearly reflects a very powerful body of opinion of what they wish about any kind of Settlement for the Future of Cyprus.
    They shall not and cannot have any future that involves the presence of any other on the Island.

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