September 23, 2023

The Council of Ministers have decided on an exemption from quarantine and PCR test fees for TRNC citizens, those who have work and residence permits and students coming to the country.

The quarantine requirement introduced on 7th September, as a result of the additional measures taken against Covid-19 and the decision that everyone who will enter quarantine will pay the fee themselves, was changed with the decision dated 24th September, and published in the Official Gazette.

According to the new application, the quarantine and PCR test fees of those who are TRNC citizens, those who have a work permit, those who have a residence permit, and students who come to the country will be covered by the state. Those who fall outside of these categories will pay the quarantine and PCR test fees themselves.

In accordance with this decision, it has also been decided that the fees already paid by those who are now exempt from the fee since 7th September, will be refunded to them upon their request.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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