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Mr and Mrs Competition at Diiva Restaurant, Esentepe

Readers Mail ….
From Susie L Ford ….

Great night at Diiva Restaurant in Esentepe on Wednesday 23rd September with 5 couples taking part in our first Mr & Mrs Competition, in aid of Tulips.

The rounds were :

Paddle round x 2,  Orange round, Questions for him, Questions for her.

The results were :

1st  :  Annette and Fossi 

2nd :  Pat and John Molloy

3rd :  Linda and Chris

4th :  Alex and Fiona

5th :  Alan and Kath Gardner

Thank you to you all for joining us, great sports!!  The winners received a one night stay at the Alkans Holiday Village plus an evening meal and breakfast!!

Thank you to Ali and his team at Diiva –  fantastic food!

There will be something every Wednesday at Diiva, so come along!

Susie n Martin xxxxx

See photos below :