October 1, 2023

Criticising the statement of “occupier” by the Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou regarding Turkey, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay stated that the solution of the Cyprus issue depends on Greece to return to reality by giving up the Megalo Idea.

Oktay also said that the statement of the Greek President is ridiculous and a vain propaganda effort and provocation. In his statement to an AA correspondent, Fuat Oktay evaluated the statements of Sakellaropoulou regarding Turkey before her visit to the Greek Cypriot side of Cyprus and during her contacts in the island.  Oktay stated that it would be useful to remind Sakellaropoulou of some historical facts, in respect of her statement which lacked historical awareness and are tainted with false propaganda and provocation.

Oktay said: “The country that destroyed the partnership state in Cyprus, which was established with the 1959-60 agreements for the sake of racist and fascist dreams, is Greece. It is also Greece which sent Nikos Sampson, the head of the Colonels Junta, to the island on July 15, 1974, had a coup, proclaimed a ‘Hellenic Republic’, and supported all kinds of armed attacks to destroy the Turkish Cypriot people with a racist approach and to eliminate their political will.

Turkey saved the Turkish people from massacre upon the invitation of the Turkish Cypriots by using its guarantor rights under the Zurich and London Agreements and thus Turkey intervened in a completely legitimate way regarding Cyprus on July 20, 1974.

If there has not been any war and conflict since 1974 in Cyprus, this is only thanks to Turkey. Turkey has given active support to all efforts for a solution on Cyprus so far. However, these efforts failed because of the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side, on the contrary Greece never played a positive role in these processes, and they have made efforts to maintain the current status quo, that is, the deadlock.”

Oktay said: “In the light of all the inconclusive efforts so far, Turkey understands that the issue of a permanent solution in Cyprus is for a structure with two sovereign states where the rights and laws of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides are observed. Greece’s understanding is to drive the Turkish Cypriots from the island and have a single communal state structure. It is a deadlock. The solution of the Cyprus issue depends on Greece to return to reality by giving up the Megalo Idea.”

Source : TRNC Public Information Office


1 thought on “ “Occupier” response from Oktay to Sakellaropoulou

  1. I am glad that some other people do remember what really happened.
    The Cypriot in the South where People of Romega and spoken a mixture of language called Romega, which was quite common all around the Middle East. Only the arrival of a priest called Makarios desired to convert them to Greek to increase the power of the Orthodox Church over the Romega, by promises of a Motherland that ended their indigenous Culture and eventually a lot of their land when they tried to eliminate the Turkish Cypriot from the Island in many ways finally by the act of Killing us.
    Yes they have not changed, we have to be safeguarded by the presence of the Turkish Military who has preserved the security of all the Islanders, and hopefully for long to come.

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