Girne Zabita inspected Barbers, Hairdressers and Beauty Centres

Girne Municipality Zabıta Police Teams inspected 49 Barbers – Hairdressers and Beauty Centres operating in Girne.

Increasing its measures against the Coronavirus epidemic, Girne Municipality inspected barbers, hairdressers and beauty centres in the city in order to protect public health and ensure hygiene conditions are being maintained.

Within the framework of the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers within the scope of the Coronavirus epidemic measures, the police teams, which inspect the measures that these enterprises should take on-site, warn the business owners to comply with the hygiene and cleanliness conditions as well as the rules announced by the Council of Ministers, and the enterprises with deficiencies have been given official notice.

49 Workplaces Inspected,  11 Workplaces Sealed

According to the information received from Girne Municipality, it was announced that 49 businesses were inspected during the three-day inspections and 11 businesses (no legally valid health record, business permit, record book, temperature measuring device) and were sealed by not complying with the decisions taken during Covid-19.

Mayor Nidai Güngördü pointed out that during the pandemic period, the functions of the municipalities were diversified and everyone should take the necessary measures. Stating that our citizens are obliged to wear their masks and obey the announced rules, Güngördü said that inspections are important for public health.

Emphasising that after the increased corona cases within the scope of the inspections, they examine whether the businesses and tradesmen operate in healthy conditions and within the determined rules, Güngördü underlined the need to pay attention to cleaning, masks, social distance and hand hygiene.

Noting that all teams continue their inspections in the field, Güngördü said, “Our citizens should wear masks and obey social distance rules. Risk arises when some of our citizens do not follow the rules. “The inspections of these workplaces will increasingly continue by our police teams.”

Noting that everyone should be more careful due to the increased risk of transmission of the Covid-19 pandemic in our country as well as in the whole world, Güngördü asked the entire public not to let go of the precautions.

Market Inspections Started

Güngördü thanked the businesses that prioritise hygiene for public health and strive for citizens to comply with the social distance rule, “The routine checks of our municipal teams will continue. We have also started market inspections. Give consideration for our valuable people, and in case of detection of non-conformities, necessary sanctions will be applied.”  he said.

Source (Turkish) Girne Municipality