October 1, 2023

Go with the “Flow” :  Cyprus-born composer and songwriter Taliya Hafiz releases a new single, being inspired by an exceptional event in human history : the appearance of the comet NEOWISE in the sky of our planet during this summer.

This music invites you to follow your heart reconnecting with the universal energy within and around us.

Listen to this gentle flow of some dreamy piano melodies on Taliya Hafiz’s Spotify channel: click here or watch her performing it live on the YouTube channel  (Taliya Hafiz, Flow).  Also, feel free to reach Taliya Hafiz on social media (Instagram: Taliya Hafiz) where she posts original songs and piano compositions and announces her new projects.  

Residing and performing currently in North Cyprus and calling Cyprus her “spiritual homeland”, Taliya would love to hear more from the local audience and share her music with listeners from here.

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