December 9, 2023

Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee made some urgent decisions on 22nd August 2020. The daily number of flights is now limited to 6 flights and the daily number of passengers coming to Girne Port is limited to 250 passengers. The number of people is limited at indoor and outdoor entertainment venues. It has become compulsory to wear a mask at weddings.

The decisions of the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee are as follows:

  1. Limiting the number of daily flights to 6 flights starting from 24:00 on 23 August 2020. (Except private aircraft).
  2. Limiting the number of passengers carried by two companies to Girne Port daily to 125 + 125 = 250 passengers from 24:00 on 23 August 2020. (Except for private yachts).
  3. Quarantine of the employees of Taş Yapı İnşaat Company, which is carrying out the airport construction, within the construction site.
  4. The number of people in respect of entertainment to be held in open areas is limited to 100 people. In closed areas, the number of people is limited as follows:

      Maximum 50 people in places of 200 m2 and above

      Maximum 30 people in places between 100-200 m2

      Maximum 20 people in places between 50-100 m2

      Maximum 10 people in places under 50 m2.

  1. It is compulsory to wear a mask at weddings, to pay attention to social distance, and to avoid handshaking and close contact.

The urgent decisions taken by the committee regarding the Coronavirus outbreak entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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