President Akıncı: “Negotiation needed for sharing and compromise”

President Mustafa Akıncı evaluated the process experienced in the Eastern Mediterranean during his visits held yesterday (16th August).

Expressing that negotiation is needed in the Eastern Mediterranean for fair sharing and compromise, Akıncı pointed out that natural gas in and around the Island of Cyprus involves potential wealth for the future of both communities and regional countries in the case of cooperation.

“There is no doubt that both communities should have share in that common wealth. It seems that the Greek Cypriot side refusing our proposals submitted in July 2019 to end the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean was a serious mistake. There are three ways to be followed on the issue of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean. Either all sides will suspend all actions until reaching an agreement or find ways to act together. The conditions to act together is planning the common wealth together and sharing in a fair way but this proposal was refused. In that case, the third way is working separately as it is done now which is also a dangerous process that causes tension in the region. All sides should come to the point of cooperation, dialogue and compromise to continue the development of the region in peace and stability” Akıncı added.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office