December 8, 2023

We have a steady stream of requests from readers for the publication of local news and reviews they are submitting and, in this latest one, we have news of a fundraising event for a young lad in the Esentepe area.

Readers mail….
From Charlie Bell….

Hello Chris,

Charlie Bell

Can you please help me by publishing thanks to everyone who comes along and attends The Village Bistro Bar, Esentepe where we have  Bingo every Tuesday and the Bistro Quiz on a Sunday night.

Both these evenings are fundraising events and are for eight year old Muhamed Sungar.

I am delighted to announce that I made a presentation on behalf of the patrons who frequent our Village Bistro Bar in Turtle Bay, Esentepe and was delighted to hand over 1,920TL on their behalf.

His mother was overwhelmed with the continued support and can’t thank our Bingo and Quiz players enough for their kindness and generosity.

Yours sincerely

Charlie Bell

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