COVID-19 risk categories revised for entering the TRNC

COVID-19 risk categories were revised in respect of some countries for entering the TRNC. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, Australia was transferred from group A to B and Serbia from group B to C.

In the statement, it was noted that the countries determined according to COVID -19 risk categories were updated in respect of the developments in the countries, and the latest information can be followed from the Ministry’s official website

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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  1. Hi I have just tryed to open the link {} and got
    An error occurred during a connection to Peer using unsupported version of security protocol.


    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.

    please forward

    • Thanks, Gary we have checked the link and it does work so?????

  2. Hi, as a regular visitor to (and house owner) in the TRNC, I and my family are busting to get back out there. I live, work and play in Wales and have become increasingly frustrated with our devolved NHS figures being lumped in with the Covid figures of England (Scotland and Northern Ireland are similarly frustrated). It would be similar to the TRNC being included in Turkey’s or the RoC’s overall figures. But their not because it’s a different government, a different health system, a different way of managing Covid…just like Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have a different government, a different health system and a different way of managing Covid.
    So, if anyone at CyprusScene or the BRS has any sway or a link to the Health Ministry I would implore them to consider the UK’s devolved residents as a separate (not special) case when it comes to TRNC entry requirements.
    Can’t wait to be out there again in the beautiful TRNC!

    • Hello Ed, governments just do their own things and here in TRNC they have COVID-19 by the round things so what are you saying that every country like the US Australia, etc should be judged by its states or town records on COVID-19 control?????

  3. Hi, I’ve been watching intently and the TRNC (both government and public) would appear to have been mostly excellent in the way that they’ve battled Covid. It would be nice if you had the international recognition (WHO) for doing so.
    Could it work on an individual sate basis? Difficult but, I’m sure if you asked the residents of Perth, Adelaide and Darwin or Montana, the Dakotas, Alaska and Hawaii, they would say the same about their compatriot states. It all depends on how hard anyone wants to research and work at it.
    Residency address checks are relatively easy to conduct.
    In the UK, it’s a bit easier to work out. We, thankfully, have a (government led and funded) National Health Service. The difference being that each devolved nation within the UK is individually responsible for the funding and running of the NHS within their own borders. Also each devolved country is able to invoke, or relax, or individualise their own lockdown rules. The only true test of whether it works or not is by comparison. Could things have been done better in Wales? Of course they could. Mistakes were made but we’re over that hill now.
    Yes, checks should be done for entry to the TRNC. Yes, testing everyone on arrival should be done.
    But, just as (in my experience) a Turkish Cypriot does not like to be regarded as a mainland Turk, I believe there is a case, in light of devolution, lockdown measures and comparative results that those residents have the right to be considered outwith the English (UK) recognition.
    Still, I understand and, if (when) I become a resident in the TRNC, I would be very cautious of letting anyone onto the island. I understand, truly.
    I suppose it’s my frustration of not being in control of my own outcomes based on the actions and inactions of others. Life eh?
    Stay safe.
    Peace and love.