September 30, 2023

Girne Municipality and GİGEM have organised a youth workshop with new conditions. The deadline for registration to the workshops to be held with the theme of “Keep your distance, enjoy life”,  “Production”  is 13th July 2020.

Organised in cooperation with Girne Municipality and GİGEM (Girne Youth Development Center), youth workshops are being held this year with the slogan “Keep Your Distance, Enjoy Life” and the theme of “Production”.  In the information given by the Municipality of Girne, it was stated that participation would be accepted for a limited number of workshops to be held this year due to small groups and measures implemented, taking into account the activities and postponed events throughout the city and various restrictions.

Distinguishing from Social Life is providing various problems

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that it is planned to hold children’s and youth workshops organised in the summer every year in accordance with the measures to be taken this year and the social distance rule.  Güngördü reminded us that there is a great concern in society due to the epidemic in the world and in our country,  schools closed early, as well as social life.

Considering that especially for the children and young people in the risk group, their separation from social life may also cause psycho-social problems, and he said that it is their duty to carry out studies in order to prevent anti-social behaviour as a result of this .

Workshops will be carried out in the framework of new conditions

Güngördü said, “Our children and young people have also been affected negatively from this process.  The Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch,  together with GIGEM, have organised a program, within the framework of the rules and restrictions set out and taking into account the new conditions  in this summer period, for young people who cannot find the opportunity to participate in various courses and activities while studying in their education life.

The workshops organised with the theme of “production” were prepared as an important investment to prepare young people for the future. The issue of production has gained more importance especially in this process. “

Due to the limited number of participants for free workshops, please click on this link for information and registration.

Or you can call 0533 879 95 95 and 0392 815 07 68 until 13 July 2020.

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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